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Hello, I'm Karen. I've been working in homes, providing care and support to families for over 30 years.  I'm a natural when it comes to caregiving and homemaking, and have a knack for supporting people of all ages and situations--it's what I love to do.

I've helped people who are recovering from surgery, or are new mothers. I've worked to give caregivers a break when they are caring for loved ones through progressive diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. I've supported single parents or families where both parents work and need an extra driver/supervisor on hand to give their children opportunities like music classes or other after school and summer programs.

I have specialized training and experience in Medical Billing and Accounting, and can support you with the headache of claiming benefits through programs such as MediCare or Veterans Affairs.

My work is customized to your specific needs and can be arranged as a single project or in short- or long-term contracts.  I'm licensed, insured, and can provide references.


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Karen’s routine care is helping us stay in our own home. When Karen visits, I’m able to work at the ranch knowing that my wife is safe and enjoying special companionship.
— Keith Grant, Husband/Caregiver (for Parkinson's)

I was up against some important deadlines with my Baking company, so I called Karen. She helped look after my son and organize my baking supplies so that I could focus on my work and accomplish everything I needed to do.
— Cherilyn Brubaker, Mom & Small Business Owner

Karen filled in for us when our nanny was on vacation. She kept our household running smoothly with daily clean up and meal prep. My toddler loved her presence and attention—he told her ‘Don’t go home!’ :)
— Courtney Harritt, Working Mom



5 Stars
— Yelp
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"Gift" Them A Break!

The gift of time is best of all. Treat someone in your life to a specific service, or let them choose their own! 

Gift certificates are available in custom amounts.

Perfect for friends, moms, and teachers!